Channel letters are custom made signage – frequently illuminated and three dimensional – placed outside public and commercial buildings. You can find them displayed on almost any corporation or franchise, making these organizations easily identifiable not only to regular customers and clients, but to new ones looking for a particular service.

Channel letters can be designed to exactly match your logo, font, size or color. This can be extremely important to your brand as you plan to maximize your identity across many channels. Ensure the public recognizes you whether it’s in a print ad, on a billboard, your Facebook page, Twitter account or on the street.

Channel letters are the first and best way to display your brand and information. Without a clean, prominent display, you minimize the public’s opportunity to recognize you. Your signage creates immediate trust. Imagine a client or customer being in unfamiliar surroundings, seeing your brand and walking in confidently. Channel letters are a one-time investment in advertising that works 24/7/365.

At the end of the business day, there is no greater marketing strategy than identifying yourself with channel letters.

They can be installed quickly, saving on man hours and energy usage. The use of LED lighting over conventional options like fluorescent and neon means less power. And while these platforms can be highly illuminated, they are still a low voltage solution with advanced transformers that will still provide somewhere in the vicinity of 100,000 hours over their lifespan.



We use the most advanced sign fabrication systems and we have the experience and skill for manufacturing durable signage products. We guarantee that our signs are fabricated with the top quality materials to ensure their durability for many years to come. Production time is also, part of our priority. We are dedicated to meet our deadlines so you can meet yours.


We specialize on the process of documenting for permitting applications with a complete knowledge of local ordinances and their requirements. We also provide help and support to local and national sign companies in the planning of their sign, permitting and installation needs.


As time passing by, signs need and require maintenance. We have the experience in the field of electrical signs to provide you with our expertise to repair your sign according to city and county code requirements. We can ensure your sign will operate for many years to come in a safe manner. We take pride in our work with each and every service call we complete. We clean all the left over waste and clear all debris and scrap, touch up paint, wipe finger prints away and dust if needed it. We always leave the job site area as we found it and strive to leave it clean as it should be.

We also specialize in design and print of other signs:

  • Vinyl Lettering

  • Monument Signs

  • Pylon Signs

  • Directional Signs